GL Communications is a marketing company.
Behind our success stories in the Health & Beauty market, there are GL’s marketing experts’ dedication and investment.


GL made Korea the No.1 best selling country outside Germany for Kamill.

GL was awarded as the best strategic distributor in 2017 among 40 countries by successfully launching REAL TECHNIQUES in 2016.


Proven success of GL Communications.
“Kamill” from Germany,
“body natur” from Spain.
GL discovers hidden champions and partners with heroic brands around the globe. GL is dedicated and proven to make them No. 1 in each category.


We started off as a beauty & fashion PR agency.
GL knows best on how to use strategic, localized marketing in the Korean market for success.

Brand Details

GL exclusively partners and distributes the best,
proven brands around the globe.

CEO’s Greeting

Welcome to GL Communications!

It has been 17 years full of passion since GL (Global Leader) Communications dedicated relentless effort to be a pioneer of the health and beauty market in Korea.
Binding our partners and GL’s passionate team, our business together grew substantially over the years.
GL’s strength comes from the outstanding branding strategy supported by our professional team and reputable sales network in all channels from the Korea market.
GL’s pride comes from our selected brands and the people we work with who provide the best of best to our customers

GL Communications is committed and will continue to provide only the highest value to our partners and customers.

Thank you.

Jin Hwan Choi
CEO of GL Communications Co., Ltd.

Our Team

Sales Operation Team

Retail Channel Sales/Operation Management
Launching and promotion execution
Discover new sales channel

Brand Management Team

Overall Brand Management & Marketing
Brand sourcing, contract, RA, import and annual management plan, etc.

PR & Communications Team

Differentiated creative marketing, PR & communications for each brands on in-trend channels.

E-Commerce Team

Sales & operation on all e-commerce channels in Korea.

Design Team

Creates and designs visuals & VMD materials for all on/offline marketing activities

Finance & Administration Team

Administration & operations: finance, accounting, HR, and training.

CS Team

Immediate customer services regarding product Q&A, exchange & returns, and other customers’ inquiries and claims.

Logistics Team

Logistics and preparation of products for market sales and 3PL, B2C & B2B logistics services

Sales and Growth

GL Communications’ Expansions & Growth

Starting from 2010, with US hair care brand OGX, we found German hand care brand ‘Kamill’, US beauty tool brand ‘Real Techniques’, Spanish hair removal brand ‘Body Natur’, and more of precious brands from all over the world and introduced them with our matchless sales and marketing skills.

GL not only reached No1 in each category, but was also awarded and recognized by many partners both globally & locally
Our success story is ongoing today.

2019 Sales Mix by Channel